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Caroline and Rob

When you prepare for your wedding, you will often be advised to make it unique to you. This is something Caroline and Rob embraced wholeheartedly. Their wedding was truly one of a kind, a personal celebration of their love and life together in their own signature style.

Here is their story…
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Becci and Phil

It was the day the weather turned. For days the skies had been grey, angry and troubled. However on the morning of Becci and Phil’s wedding the sun shone, and the stunning setting of Hitchin Priory glowed in the warmth as both Becci and Phil made their preparations inside the building.

Here is their story…
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Fay and Kieran

It was an early August morning at Sedgebrook Hall. As is common with August in England, the sky was Grey. Despite this the day could not have seemed brighter for Fay who was busy preparing to marry Kieran, the man she loved in a glorious outdoor ceremony surrounded by all her friends  and family. 

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Nicole and Shane

Shane had fallen in love and it wasn’t hard to see why when you looked at Nicole.

She had beautiful dark hair, eyes the colour of the deep sea and a face that seemed to glow whenever she smiled.

She smiled a lot when Shane was around, being around him made smiling feel easy and a natural thing to do.  

Now she couldn’t help but smile a wide and excited smile as she stepped into to sun on a warm summer morning. After all today was the day that she was getting married… Read more