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Caroline and Rob

When you prepare for your wedding, you will often be advised to make it unique to you. This is something Caroline and Rob embraced wholeheartedly. Their wedding was truly one of a kind, a personal celebration of their love and life together in their own signature style.

Here is their story…

It’s early, the sun has barely started to rise and Caroline is sitting at a kitchen table with a hot cup of tea.

She isn’t one to be awake all night worrying as her wedding day approaches. Infact she has only been awake for 20 minutes and is probably feeling better for it as she starts to prepare for her wedding… 

Some weddings come with a theme, sometimes the theme is quite subtle. Not so much here, if the Doctor Who bouquet or droids waiting to depart didn’t hint that this wedding might be a little unique, the makeup artist in the pumpkin mask sure did…

Getting ready is a curious time. It starts slowly. You feel like you have plenty of time, until suddenly you realise you actually don’t, and there is a rush of activity as people hurry to dress and finish off their hair. 

Then, if you are very lucky and possess exceptional timing you are ready, sometimes with entire minutes to spare. 

These minutes will be some of the longest in your life as you will every second to please hurry up so you can go and get married already!

Rob was nervous. Not “Oh my god I think I’m going to be sick” nervous, but still maybe a few butterflies.

He was experiencing the same feeling of willing time to speed up, sitting in a gorgeous ceremony room, feeling surrealy both alone while at the same time surrounded by the closest of friends and family. 

In this situation time becomes a bit “wobbly” it might say one thing on your watch, but really the time is “all the guests are in” followed by whispers that “she’s here” and is waiting just outside.

The doors opened, and in that moment all the nerves fell from Rob as Caroline walked towards him. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he settled on grinning from ear to ear as he grabbed Caroline’ s hand tightly…

They were married! It was fantastic and romantic and fabulous! There was confetti and hugs and cheering, it was a moment that Caroline and Rob would never forget. 

Newly married, filled with happiness and excitement Caroline and Rob’s first act as a married couple. A lightsaber duel of course! Complete with a slightly bemused looking local audience who didn’t seem to be expecting quite such a view on their trip to the park.

It was Halloween, so naturally there was pumpkins and a trick or treat themed sweet bar, complete with hands that grabbed you as you took a sweet and a skeletal bride and groom.

There was a Tardis as well, happily sitting in the corner, looking bigger on the inside while the Doctor leant up against the door. I doubt he had been to a wedding that was quite as much fun as this one either.

Sometimes at weddings the bride is preceded by one or more flower girls. The job of the flowergirl is to look cute and adorable in a pretty dress and maybe scatter petals while everyone goes “aaaaaaaah” 

Caroline had decided that it would be better to swap the flower girls for Stormtroopers, and the little baskets of petals for blasters. 

This was a perfect choice which made everyone go “wow!” Especially as waiting next to Rob and standing menacingly on a stage was Darth Vader who had strode through the assembled guests backed fittingly by the imperial march. 

The rings were blessed and exchanged, while nearby a giant inflatable dinosaur struggled not to cry. On the table next to this, Doctor Who smiled and a pair of Jedi recorded the ceremony, totally unfazed by a Sith Lord in the same room. Rob and Caroline’s guests were a fantastic mix. At one table sat a range of Disney Princesses, at another a cluster of minions, while further on Woody sat with a baby Buzz Lightyear on their lap.  All of Rob and Caroline’s guests had made a fantastic effort for their wedding and looked spectacular.

Their wedding blessed by the Galactic Empire, it was time to dance and celebrate. Guests cheered excitedly as Caroline and Rob danced past, laughing as Darth Vader broke his steely posture to join the fun.

You can’t have a Tardis at a wedding without going for a quick ride, even if in all of time and space there wasn’t quite a day like this one. After all where else are you likely to find Solid Snake, Princess Rapunzel and Harley Quinn all having afternoon tea together?

Within the speeches was a romantic tale that was striking in similarity to the Titanic.

They were both love stories, both boats sank although in Caroline and Rob’s case the boat was on a local pond, and they both lived happily ever after.

The sun had set, but the party was just getting started as another surprise guest arrived. This one bringing along all kinds of animals from the cute and cuddly, to those that are less so. Spiders, Scorpions, Snakes and Lizards are unusual guests at a wedding, but proved very popular drawing crowds in to see and hold them.

The first dance was in Caroline and Rob’s style, both lively and fun, soon Rob found himself partnered with a skeleton with glowing red eyes while Caroline was dancing enthusiastically with Mario.

The day had flown by, and it wasn’t long before the evening’s meal was ready. So under the night sky Caroline, Rob and their guests were served a delicious portion of fish and chips from a waiting van outside.