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Anna and Ben Loved Up

Had a lovely time at this shoot in the local woods with the lovely Anna and Ben for their Loved Up Shoot. We were lucky that the bluebells were in full bloom.


World Book Day ~ Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist. World Book Day 2016
Oliver Twist. World Book Day 2016
Oliver Twist. World Book Day 2016
Oliver Twist. World Book Day 2016

Alfie and Poppy playing wearing Daddy’s glasses









Black and White Portraits

Alfie has been in front of the camera again, this time for a few black and white’s. Alfie is currently learning to swim and had his picture taken after swimming a short distance unaided for the first time. Well done Alfie!

Just Alfie


Hero Portraits – Playing StarWars

Alfie playing Star Wars


Jedi stormajt

Jedi Alfieajt

Fire jediajt


Alfie loves dressing up as a Jedi and having lightsabre duels with his dad, here he is dressed up ready for another game.


Hero Portraits – LazyTown

Alfie as a Lazytown inspired pilot.


My Son Alfie enjoys watching Superhero shows, ¬†and dressing up in outfits to play at home. This is him in his Sportacus outfit next to an airship more to his daddy’s taste.

The Train Ride


up trainride3

up trainride1

up trainride4

up trainride2

Enjoying a train ride at the Severn Valley Railway.

A small unobtrusive studio was set up in one of the coaches to capture a range of natural expressions as the Steam Engine made its way through the countryside.