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Nicole and Shane

Shane had fallen in love and it wasn’t hard to see why when you looked at Nicole.

She had beautiful dark hair, eyes the colour of the deep sea and a face that seemed to glow whenever she smiled.

She smiled a lot when Shane was around, being around him made smiling feel easy and a natural thing to do.  

Now she couldn’t help but smile a wide and excited smile as she stepped into to sun on a warm summer morning. After all today was the day that she was getting married… Read more

Laura and Philip

Laura and Phil were married At Johns church in Boxmoor. A gorgeous local church, it was surrounded by  green and tranquil parkland. They then travelled to Hemel Hempstead football club where they celebrated their reception in a beautifully decorated room, dancing the night away under soft pink lights.

Here is their story… Read more

Jodie and Mark

Jodie and Mark were married at St Nicholas Church in Elmdon, a beautiful building nestled in stunning woodland at the edge of Elmdon Park. After tying the knot they journeyed in a fabulously  decorated london bus to Solihull Municipal Club where they celebrated and danced into the night.

Here is their story…

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Emma and Jordan

Emma and Jordan were married at The Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in the Warwickshire countryside. It was a beautiful summer wedding, where Emma and Jordan smiled and  laughed with their friends, celebrating the start of a lifetime together as they relaxed under the sun surrounded by the green countryside. Here is their Story. Read more

Susan and Neill

“…Susan gripped Neill’s hand tightly as they stood together in the beautiful surroundings of Hitchin Priory. She squeezed tighter, the feel of his warm skin steadying her, giving her strength and reminding her that this was actually happening and she really was standing here surrounded by friends and family, marrying the man she loved…”

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Poppy’s big show.

Poppy practices her happy feet at home in Bedworth

Poppy is four years old and loves to dance. Recently she took part in her first dance show with Central Academy Theatre School in Coventry. Where with her fellow Mini Movers,  she took to the stage to perform to the Teddybears Picnic.

She, along with the rest of her group proved to be very talented dancers, totally at ease with the big stage and bright lights. Poppy is seen here practicing her happy feet.

Ashleigh and Dave

“…Ashleigh gripped her son’s arm tightly as she walked down the aisle. She knew his heart was beating as fast as hers, as she looked forwards, seeing Dave who was trying to fight back tears of joy while their family and friends looked on warmly. Her journey complete, she gripped Dave’s hand tightly, love filled eyes locking on to his as they prepared to take an even bigger journey together…” Read more

Siobhan and Lee

“…surrounded by her friends, Siobhan laughed, she felt as though she had spent the whole day just laughing and smiling, one perfect day surrounded by her closest friends. From nervous jokes and flutters of anxiety early in the morning, the feeling of pure joy as she walked down the aisle seeing her  husband, and now as the sun began to set, Siobhan couldn’t remember being so happy or contented…” Read more

Madely Court Hotel, image by Warwickshire wedding photographer AJTImages

Amie and Steve

“…all eyes followed her as Amie took her last steps into the room where she was to be married. Clutching her father’s arm tightly, she fought back tears as she saw the love of her life gazing back at her. With smiling faces surronding her, and warm summer sunlight streaming into the historic room, Amie was finally standing next to her groom…” Read more