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Technique: Great light in the bathroom

Light is a funny thing. When controlled well, it can transform the most unassuming location into one that creates a stunning image. It is such a powerful effect, that I will hunt down the best light on a shoot more readily than a good location, knowing that great light will provide a stunning image every time.

Amie had just finished getting ready, her hair and makeup were perfect, and she looked gorgeous in her dress. While I was photographing her preparations, capturing those fleeting moments and nervous smiles, I noticed a pool of perfect, natural light. It was soft and flattering, yet had a strong direction, filtering elegantly down from a skylight set above and bouncing delicately around the room, reflecting gently off white walls. It was the perfect light for a bridal portrait.

It was however in a rather cramped bathroom, sharing space with a toilet, bathtub and a small collection of suitcases put somewhere out of the way . Not the usual definition of glamorous, however Amie put her faith in me trusting me as I directed her, asking her to tilt her chin just a tiny fraction to let the light flow over her and illuminate her in the best possible way.

A tiniest fill light was added to perfect the image, adding the finishing touches, providing definition and a sparkle to Aime’s eyes, and we were done. The images were captured in minutes, but I already knew they were something special.

 Amie bathed in light during a portrait at Madeley Court Hotel