Hey, im Alex, come meet my family!

(and learn a bit about me at the same time)


This morning I was sipping tea from a lovely little pink cup. This was soon revealed to be a terrible mistake.

“No, Maddie wants you to eat the cake first!” came the annoyed voice of Poppy, my three year old daughter (sometimes referred to as Purple). The cake in question was a bright yellow, a miraculous see through cream with sparkles all encased in a pristine white case.

“Mmmmmmm” I said with as much conviction as I could muster, “oh how very delicious.” It seemed to work, Poppy smiled with satisfaction.

“You can drink your tea now.” she said, and so I lifted the little cup to my lips once more making pantomime slurping noises as I sipped an imaginary tea surrounded by soft toys and a very happy daughter.  


Poppy aka “Purple”

Princess and boss of the whole world


Later on, I was under attack by dragons, huge fire-breathing beasts that swooped through the skies landing with an almighty boom as they scattered my companions to the floor.

“Quick! we need to get into the castle!” shouts my six year old son Alfie (sometimes known as Monkeybum) even as the dragon swoops down for another attack. Hurrying I make sure that all the plastic figures make it safely into the imposing looking castle, climbing onto the walls in defiance of the dragons next attack.

“Here he comes, Raaaaaaaaaa!” And the dragon swoops glides down one last time, his mighty wings blotting out the sun as he prepares to strike. 

It all ended well however, as Alfie directed his favourite figures, saving the day and driving the fearsome dragon away for another day.


Alfie aka “Monkeybum”

the awesomest superhero ever

“Arrrrrrrgh, help, help!” A terrified scream fills the house as I sit putting the finishing touches to an edit.

“Someone’s in trouble!” I cry as I leap to my feet, and forgetting to don my superhero cape I race upstairs to find the cause of such terror. My wife Clare (Sometimes known as Schmoozy Poo) is trapped in the corner of the room, cornered and unable to move by a ferocious and deadly beast. As I arrive it scuttles closer to her, carried on eight hairy legs, its fangs ready to strike at a moments notice. 

Leaping into action, I reach down and plucking my wife’s tormentor from the floor I proceed to re-home the beast in the garden, where it may continue to terrorise the local wildlife.

Having defeated the arachnid threat I head back inside, sure of a heroes welcome. Arms spread wide I move to my wife who I am sure will embrace me as her saviour.

Bad move…

“Arrrrrrgh” she screams pushing me frantically away “You touched the spider, dont come anywhere near me!”

“Sorry sorry” I reply, quickly taking my leave and heading back to work a cheeky smile playing on my face.

 Clare Taylor by AJTImages

Clare aka “Schmoozy Poo”

Really really DOESN’T like spiders!


The “about me” bit of the “Meet Alex” page.


Alex aka “PirateCat”

also a princess

You have met my those closest to me, but what about Alex, what makes him tick.


Family and relationships are important to me: I love my family, and all those closest to me, I try to share that love around, and seek it out in others, that’s one of the reasons I love weddings!

People fascinate me: All people, from all walks of life, they all have their own stories to tell and each one is unique and special. I love meeting new people, finding out their own stories, and love to be given the opportunity to record them and tell them with my camera.

Im a romantic: Being in love is something very special, im really lucky to have found it in my life, and I love being with others who feel the same. Whether it’s the first kiss on your wedding day, watching your children grow or your grandparents tenderly holding hands after a lifetime together. Love is something very special and should be cherished forever. 

I am playful: Im a big kid at heart, I love how children can see everything in the world with such wonder, everything is amazing through the eyes of a child, and I try to keep some of that wonder and excitement in my own view.