Nicole and Shane

Shane had fallen in love and it wasn’t hard to see why when you looked at Nicole.

She had beautiful dark hair, eyes the colour of the deep sea and a face that seemed to glow whenever she smiled.

She smiled a lot when Shane was around, being around him made smiling feel easy and a natural thing to do.  

Now she couldn’t help but smile a wide and excited smile as she stepped into to sun on a warm summer morning. After all today was the day that she was getting married…

She said she was nervous, but on the outside it didn’t show. Instead she laughed with her bridesmaids, drinkin pink fizz  in personalised glasses, which was as she put it ,“A bit strong!”

Gradually Nicole’ s hair and makeup were perfected, transforming her into the perfect bride ready to walk down the aisle and greet her husband in just a few hours time.

Shane was busy getting ready at 12A, Nicole at 14.  Separated from  eachother by just one wall, their closeness seemed unbearable to each of them as they hurried to get ready.

In 12A four generations of family were busy getting ready . It was a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and Shane hurried here and there, making sure everyone had everything they needed and would be ready on time. 

Next door in number 14, Nicole and her bridesmaids were also busy. There was a calmness here, fewer bodies made it feel less rushed compared to next door.  

Time has a way of running away when not watched though, and before long Nicole was dressed, the last little touches were finally finished and all Nicole could do was wait and listen to the sound of cars and people departing from next door, Shane’s voice clear among them. 

St Chad’s Church only a short drive away. It was a large and impressive looking building, clear in the skyline and surrounded by rows of terraced houses on a quiet residential street. 

Inside the church Shane was starting to look nervous.  He stood alone at the front of the large building lost in his thoughts as he waited.

Friends and relatives started making their way inside, first in ones and two’s, then in greater numbers as they were ushered inside, their movement heralding Nicole’s arrival. 

A sudden quiet descended over the church as the bridal party made their way inside. 

First the children, two girls and two boys  all looking fantastic as they walked slowly, hand in hand down the aisle, the youngest being carried in loving arms.

Moments later the bridesmaids arrived, dressed in their flowing blue dresses, each one beamed with happiness as they passed. 

Finally the whole room seemed to hold its breath in anticipation as every pair of eyes watched the entrance while Shane craned his head round, eager to take a first look at his bride.

When she entered it was as though the room had suddenly became lighter, and as Shane and Nicole locked eyes both their faces were overtaken by wide and loving smiles and it seemed as though Shane was ready to rush towards Nicole and sweep her off her feet in an embrace.

They both stole quick love filled glances at eachother throughout the service, holding hands and grinning excitedly, overwhelmed by what they were doing and their love for eachother.

Then they were married. The rings were exchanged, and with their hands still entwined together they kissed for the first time as husband and wife to the cheers of every one of their guests in the church.


Outside confetti flew while guests poured their congratulations on Nicole and Shane, hugging them tightly and wishing them well.  

Both Shane and Nicole were overflowing with happiness and it felt as though they would never be able to stop smiling.

Nicole and Shane made their way to The Riverside, a hotel and old farmhouse nestled on the banks of the River Trent. It was early afternoon and the hotel had a lazy summer vibe.  

The speeches were nearly over as Nicole’s father stood to speak. Although he was unused to public speaking and was visibly shaking, his speech was heartfelt and moving. Nicole stood up, moving to embrace him as he spoke, his voice becoming noticably calmer as his daughter stood by his side supporting him as he had always supported her.

Afternoon turned to evening as children ran, playing and dancing in the sun. Guests sat talking and smiling While Nicole and Shane walked in the afternoon light, a moment of peace and tranquility together before an evening of dancing and merriment.

He picked up the microphone as Nicole and Shane started their first dance. Their little boy singing to them and holding their hand tight as they danced beside him. Smiling, with his little voice clear above the song, it was obvious to everyone that he was filled with happiness to be with his mum and dad on the day they got married.