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Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason were married on a late Summers day at the Red Lion Hotel in Atherstone. 

Here is their story…

Sarah was beaming, smiling in a way that told the world she’s absolutely totally happy and content. She had a good reason to be smiling, it was 9am on a Saturday morning, the sun was trying to shine, she was having her hair done, but most importantly today was the day she was getting married…

…The kitchen was buzzing with activity, one bridesmaid sat in the corner having her makeup applied while wondering what she would look like in her dress, especially as she rarely wore anything “girly”. Another flowergirl sat on a chair nearby, eating cookies contentedly while dogs bounded excitedly around her feet, rushing around the room to investigate the unexpected influx of people and activity.

Sarah’s father stood to one side, his face a mix of joy and intense concentration as he polished his shoes to a perfect shine. Sarah’s mother was also nearby, busy helping with her with her jewellery, all while making sure everyone else in the house was happy and had everything they needed to prepare.

It was 10:30 on the day of Sarah and Jason’s wedding, and the preparations were in full swing…

…When Sarah’s mother saw her daughter  walk towards her she paused, feeling tears of happiness creep into her eyes as she saw her daughter looking stunning in her wedding dress.

This was the same daughter who as a little girl who would sit on her knee looking up at her mum, or come running to her, crying because she had fallen and bumped her knee.

Sarah wrapped her arms around her mother and held her close. She was ready, it was nearly mid-day and soon she would leave for her wedding…

Jason had been waiting at the Red Lion in Atherstone for what felt like an age and was feeling anxious, excited and a little bit nervous. All things considered he was glad he was surrounded by his friends, people he could count on to keep his nerves at bay. 

Guests were arriving at the Red Lion, first in a trickle then a steady flow as time marched relentlessly on. Jason found himself ushered into a long dark room, lined with red curtains and low wooden beams which hung overhead. Jason stood at the front of this room, facing a desk and  giant letters “S&J” lit with purple lights to the side. He spent these last few moments talking with his best man, smiling and looking nervous in equal measure.

A hush quickly spread across the room and guests turned their heads in anticipation of Sarah’s arrival. She was preceded by her flowergirl, scattering pretty petals as she skipped up the Aisle. Then Sarah walked in holding her father’s arm, and both Sarah and Jason found themselves fighting back tears… 

…As they stood holding hands together, Sarah and Jason’s nerves seemed to evaporate and all they could do was smile. They carried on smiling at eachother and everyone present as they exchanged vows and rings, then beamed happily together as they kissed and were finally married…

…Sarah and Jason seemed to dance from their ceremony, their feet barely touching the floor, and their faces a picture of happiness and wonder as they made their way outside. The day soon picked up a party atmosphere as friends clustered in groups, swapping stories and drinking happily together. 

Time seemed to pick up pace, passing by in a rush and soon Sarah and Jason found themselves first sitting for their meal then listening to a series of short lighthearted speeches which at times had guests doubled up with laughter or sharing in a tender thought…

… Day turned to evening, the sky darkened and thoughts turned to the dance floor. As usual it was the children who were there first, running around and chasing the DJ’s lights.

Then Sarah stepped onto the dance floor with her father, a man who had looked so happy and proud of his daughter all day. All eyes were on them as they danced together and the look the happiness for his daughter remained fixed to his face as Sarah’s father stepped back to allow Jason to take his wife’s hand for their first dance together…

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  1. Sarah Farmer says:

    Thank you so much Alex these photos of our wedding day are fabulous. I can’t wait for the rest of the photos.
    Proffesional, calm has a great personality.
    I will be recommending your seevices to all my family and friends.
    Thank you so much
    Jason and Sarah Farmer xxxx

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