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Shannon and Dan

Shannon and Dan celebrated a beautiful and romantic wedding at Upper Tean Christ Church before travelling on to the stunning Consall Gardens.

Here is their story…

Shannon was busy. It was still dark outside but together with her bridesmaids she was already starting to prepare for her wedding later that day. 

It was a flurry of ceaseless activity, hair and makeup being done to percection while flower girls scurried excitedly around, each waiting their turn.

At Upper Tean Christ Church, Dan was waiting patiently for his bride. He moved from guest to guest, chatting and laughing as he felt his excitement building within him. 

Then at once a hush settled throughout the church. Whispered words quickly spread that Shannon was here. Dan stood looking forward, hardly trusting himself to breathe as Shannon walked towards him, her face a picture of excitement and happiness.

Consall gardens is a stunning venue with a great atmosphere, Shannon, Dan and their guests quickly settled into a party spirit and conversation flowed quickly as plates of appetising food made its way out to the guests. 

As the meals  were cleared, speeches quickly followed. A mix of light hearted and amusing tales.

The evening began in earnest and the dance floor started to fill as Shannon, Dan and their friends danced the night away. Everywhere you looked people were smiling, and none more so than Shannon and Dan who could be seen at the heart of the party as the night drew on.