Sinead and Michael

Sinead and Michael were married at St Chad’s church in Bishop’s Tachbrook in what was an emotional and fun filled ceremony. They then went on to entertain their guests in the beautiful surroundings of the nearby Mallory Court.

Here is their story.



“…On the outside, Sinead remained calm, her composed exterior hiding the turmoil of nervous anticipation building within her. Spending the morning with her bridesmaids, she knew that as her hair and makeup were finished it would not be long till she saw her husband…”






“…Giggling and high-spirited, Gracie, Lacey and Sarah had also spent the morning preparing, squealing with excitement as they saw their dresses and the wands they would carry, then running up to hug Sinead making her face light up in a beautiful smile….”


“… and then she was ready, her hair and makeup perfect, shining in her wedding dress, Sinead took one last moment to prepare herself for the short journey to the church, and a defining moment of her life…”


“…All eyes were on Sinead as she entered the church and walked slowly up the aisle to her husband. Her fingers held tightly to her fathers arm as he walked beside her, providing the support he always had since she was a little girl. 

Meanwhile Michael’s eyes were set ahead of him, his heart beating furiously in his chest he was sure it could be heard by the whole congregation. He didn’t trust himself to turn round, knowing that to risk even a glance would be to lose what composure he had left. Already the tears pricked at his eyes as he waited the last moments till he was with his bride…”







“…They would call it a beautiful ceremony, but it wouldn’t do it justice. For Sinead and Michael it seemed to pass in a moment. Memories blurred into one. A mix of laughter, emotional readings and that moment when they faced each other and made their vows, hearts beating so fast they could explode with joy…”





“…”Just Married” read the signs, a cheerful declaration in a vintage style, and they were. They had done it, husband and wife forever, even the sun seemed to welcome them into their new life shining despite the forecasts as Sinead and Mike floated elegantly around their guests, joking and sharing tales with friends, leaving smiles wherever they passed…”






“…the night drew on, and Sinead and Michael stepped on to the dance-floor, where holding each other tight they twirled, watched by their guests. The party would go on through the night, they would dance and laugh more, but this was the moment when they could be together, even surrounded by all their guests they felt as though they were alone with their love for one-another…”