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Stuart’s Story.

This is Stuart, a groom I photographed during the summer. In this frame, Stuart’s life is about to be changed forever as he is currently about five minutes from being married.


Stuart is nervous, really really nervous. What a groom does as he waits for his bride is unique to the individual,  and always a little bit different. Some will make bad jokes, cherishing the support their friends give them,  I recall pacing back and forth trying to pass the time. Stuart elected to stand waiting alone. Feeling too emotional to talk much,  he bites his lip,  his eyes fixed on a small clock set on the wall,  its steady ticking counting the seconds at a glacial pace.


Lost in thought  Stuart stood alone at the front of the room. His father looked on,  sharing in the moment and recalling their own shared past,  a legacy stretching back many years.

ajtimages-41As his bride walks down the aisle, Stuarts emotions finally overcome him, and he weeps for joy seeing the love of his life and knowing that here and now they will be married.