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Wedding at St Leonard's Church Beoley

Drew and Darrell, An intimate summer wedding at St Leonard’s Church Beoley.

Drew and Darrell were married on a British summer’s day. It was a fun-filled and relaxed wedding with plenty of song and dance. Starting at the beautiful St Leonard’s Church in Beoley, Drew and Darrell exchanged vows in the historic church before enjoying a lively and fun-filled reception at The Oak Hotel in Hockley Heath. AJTImages was there throughout, capturing the story of their wedding in our signature relaxed and natural style. It was a privilege to be a part of Drew and Darrell’s day, one which I thoroughly enjoyed photographing. Read more

Anna and Ben Loved Up

Had a lovely time at this shoot in the local woods with the lovely Anna and Ben for their Loved Up Shoot. We were lucky that the bluebells were in full bloom.


Kieran and Marie Northall

The Wedding of Kieran and Marie Northall


Kieran and Marie, are a lovely young couple who were married at the Chase Hotel in Coventry, a fantastic venue with a delightful  interior, and large grounds, all perfect for photography.  Kieran and Marie, while initially quite shy in front of the camera soon warmed up and we were able to come away with some fantastic shots filled with emotion and joy on their big day.

The day progressed at quite a pace, and after officially tying the knot there was no let up in opportunities for a great image, whether creating a relaxed pose with the bride and groom and their closest friends, or stepping back and capturing the raw emotion of the day.

A big thanks to Keiran and Marie for using AJT Images and allowing me to be a part of this fantastic day.


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AJT Images, Wedding, weddings, photography, AJTImages







AJT Images, Wedding, weddings, photography, AJTImages

AJT Images, Wedding, weddings, photography, AJTImages


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AJT Images, Wedding, weddings, photography, AJTImages

AJT Images, Wedding, weddings, photography, AJTImages

Catching the sun.

Catching The Sun.


Sunshine and photography create  an interesting combination with its own particular challenges, so much so that when faced with bright light and dark shadows, many photographers will be secretly wishing for a dull overcast day where capturing a usable image is easier.

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Personally I love the sun, everyone seems  cheerful  and warm days are instantly associated with happy memories. It is all just a matter of controlling the available light, then deciding whether to add light of your own into the mix.

The easiest way to use the sun is to see it as a main light source, and place your subject accordingly. I will often place them  so the sun hits them between 45° and 90° from the front of their face. This ensures that they, and the background are well lit with lots of contrast and colour. This will leave your subject well lit on one side of the face, but the other side may be obscured with dark shadows.

To counter this  I will use another light placed between the camera and 90° on the opposite side of the subject, a technique known as cross lighting. This light will either be an off-camera speedlight or even a simple reflector. Other lights can be used and I will often use another light as a rim light, or to highlight an area of the subject.

Regarding power settings, if I am using an off-camera speedlight I will set the power equal or just below the suns intensity on the subject to maintain a well lit subject, and one which still maintains the contrasty vibrant look of a summers day.

The result is a fully lit image full of drama and vibrance, one which grabs the viewer and compels you to look at the image.



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